About Meditation: Where is the proof it works?

Not sure of the benefits? Just take a look at some of the scientific studies

Around 7,000 studies have been published in scientific journals all around the world attesting to meditation's health benefits. That alone tells us of its status in the scientific community. From its beginnings, first recorded around 5,000 BC meditation has been continuously used as a valuable aid to help prevent illness, speed recovery and foster good health, vitality and general wellbeing.

We all have powerful minds

Depression and burn-out

Research on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) has found that these techniques more than halve the relapse rate for people who have had depression - from 78% to 36%.1 Meditation changes our relationship to negative thoughts and emotions giving a non-attachment to them and therefore, we are not controlled by them so much.

In adolescents, mindfulness reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and somatic distress, and increases self-esteem and sleep quality. 2

For professionals with high stress loads such as doctors, Mindfulness has also been found to enhance wellbeing, reduce burnout and mood disturbance with increased empathy and responsiveness to their patients.3


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