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Those of us living busy, time-starved lives are in a paradoxical situation.

Learning and regularly practicing meditation and other Mind-Body techniques (such as relaxation, mindfulness, imagery and contemplation) will really help us to relax, de-stress, and enhance our quality of life. But where is the time to learn? Where is the time to practice?

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If we are not careful, practicing our de-stressing techniques can become another thing we HAVE to do! Another thing to fit into the schedule. Another potential stress.

To help address this very modern paradox; to provide options, we have created The Meditation Gateway, an entirely new concept in meditation apps that makes practice with your teacher or group of choice both possible and easy – anywhere, anytime.

We know that one of the best ways to maintain our practice is to have a good connection with our preferred teacher and with our fellow meditators. Yet in modern, busy times, it is not always easy to travel across town to meet up in person. Some teachers may live far away. Sometimes we live far removed from our fellow meditators.

Mindfulness and meditation via the Meditation Gateway app – great new possibilities

Now, with the Meditation Gateway, it is possible for even the smallest groups or teachers to upload their own material making it possible for you to connect with them via a very personal and technologically advanced app. You can:

  • Listen to your own teacher anywhere, any time
  • Customize your own practice routine so that it fits with your time availability and methods of choice
  • Link up with like-minded people and even your own teacher, and do the same practices together at the same time.

And there is much, much more. Thanks to the Meditation Gateway app, mindfulness and meditation has never been easier or more accessible.

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